«While life can sometimes feel like a barren desert, the seeds required to produce a magnificent garden are there, waiting in the earth for the right conditions to grow. They were in us from the moment we were born. Our job is to water, water, water the ground and let in the light of clarity, so we give those seeds what they need to flourish. And when we do that, the desert will bloom, and it will burst out in every conceivable color. Peace wants to show itself. Peace wants you to know it is there. Peace wants to blossom.»

Prem Rawat

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Enlaces y recursos

Para obtener más información sobre Prem Rawat y su mensaje, y para ver videos en casa, puede consultar las siguientes páginas web:

Prem Rawat Official YouTube  Prem Rawat Official YouTube  – Event clips and Series featuring Prem Rawat. 
The Prem Rawat Foundation tprf.org – patrocinio adicional para eventos especiales.
Prem Rawat personal website premrawat.com – extractos de entrevistas de televisión y radio.
Words of Peace Global wopg.org– información sobre eventos públicos en todo el mundo.
Inside Peace documentary insidepeacemovie.com– sigue a un grupo de presos de una cárcel de Texas que embarcan en un viaje de descubrimiento personal.

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