I watched PEAK video series from the TimelessToday app. The videos are only 5-8 minutes long each so I was able to watch them on the go from my phone. I loved them! I don’t say this lightly, they were life changing to me. This message should be heard by everyone wanting to evolve into the best human being they can be. I was left with an amazing gratitude, to think that somebody like me could feel this way.

~ 2019 Participant

Peace Education Program In Asheville, NC

The Peace Education Program consists of several 10-session courses that explore the meaning of personal peace, each helping participants discover their own inner resources to live more fulfilling lives. The sessions focus on 10 different themes: Peace, Appreciation, Inner Strength, Self-Awareness, Clarity, Understanding, Dignity, Choice, Hope, and Contentment.

The core material for each theme is a selection of video excerpts from Prem Rawat’s talks. Sessions also include facilitated reflection time, participant discussion, and workbook learning. The interactive, multimedia workshops are non-religious and non-sectarian, and have been proven to benefit diverse groups of people in over 80 countries.

Asheville & Western North Carolina has consistently provided Peace Education since 2012 and currently has 7 ongoing programs.

After 4 years of effort working with the NC Department of Public Safety, the Peace Education Program was added as an approved educational program for Corrections in 2016. The response from inmates has been strongly positive and it is overwhelmingly appreciated by participants and facility staff. Many have invited Prem Rawat to speak at their prison. One man in detention was participating in class when he received release. He asked the judge if he could stay inside for an additional few days in order to complete the program! From the first class, expressions from participants indicate that they are already feeling its impact on their wellbeing.

In addition, over the past 7 years, the class has been offered in educational institutions, senior housing facilities, community centers, veterans’ groups and now at the United Unitarian Church of Asheville.

You are warmly invited to particpate

Our local team is presently pursuing organizations that want to experience Peace Education. If you are involved with any group or government agency or know of any group where this may provide support, contact PEP.Asheville@gmail.com

For more information visit https://www.tprf.org/programs/peace-education-program/ or watch https://www.insidepeacemovie.com/

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Peace Is Possible NC, sponsors Peace Education Program workshops throughout North Carolina. Contact us to schedule a free introduction at your institution, school, or correctional facility.

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