I watched PEAK video series from the TimelessToday app. The videos are only 5-8 minutes long each so I was able to watch them on the go from my phone. I loved them! I don’t say this lightly, they were life changing to me. This message should be heard by everyone wanting to evolve into the best human being they can be. I was left with an amazing gratitude, to think that somebody like me could feel this way.

~ 2019 Participant

Giving Books Project – Kifubon

Sharing this message of hope around the world

Kifubon means book donation or contribution in Japanese. This Project springs from the ongoing Kifubon success taking place in Japan for over five years.

The Project operates in the U.S. and Canada to purchase wonderful books like Splitting the Arrow/Peace Is Possible and donate them to organizations where people in need are being helped – such as schools, shelters, orphanages, rehab centers, corrections and mental health facilities, and more; and additional places where the reading of the books by many people will be fostered by donating one copy, like book clubs and reading groups.

Peace Is Possible is available at Amazon.com. When it is possible to purchase at a discount, we do that. Prices for each book that will be used in this Project likely will vary over time, and sometimes include shipping cost. Please contribute what you can to help people read these beautiful books. Every contribution of any size will be appreciated. All contributions go to help with purchasing books that are then donated, delivered by volunteers who are helping for the good of other people, and the warm feeling that comes in their hearts.

For more information: givingbooks@peaceispossiblenc.org


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