Are you feeling a need for more clarity in your life – more certainty about how you find some peace in this crazy world? Are you making conscious choices that will lead to fulfillment or just trying to cope? There is a wonderful opportunity being freely offered here in Asheville to learn more about the contentment and other positive resources we have within us but may have lost touch with, such as Clarity, Hope,.Self Awareness, and Choice.The Peace Education Program is happening on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm at the North Asheville Community Center at 37 East Larchmont Rd. in North Asheville just off Merrimon Avenue.
Join us for class number #9, “Hope”, this coming Tuesday, Dec. 3. The more classes you attend, the more you will benefit! Come and discover more about who you really are! “I could feel the jigsaw puzzle pieces of knowledge I had attained over the years falling into place and making a wonderful picture of peace and calm.” Course attendee Alison Kay -Sutton College of Learning for Adults

There is no charge for the course.
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Please email or call to register for the free 10 week course at or 828-777-0021

Sponsored by Peace is Possible NC

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