Peace Education Event report – Buncombe PEP Team

The reflections part at the end of the session was very lively with several of the participants expressing their thoughts and the others present were also acknowledging the comments being shared. 

Several participants acknowledged Prem mentioning a theme of “Living in the Now”. 

One of the participants spoke of the 800+ days that he has spent incarcerated and away from his young son and the fact that he reflects more on time spent where he is now as part of his current circumstances. 

Another participant who was originally from another part of the country spoke of his new appreciation of his life on the “outside”. Even though he is presently incarcerated (a fact for which he took responsibility), and is looking forward to enjoying his new surroundings once he completes his “time”. 

All our participants were thoroughly engaged in the simple message being presented. You could tell that all the participants were eager to be at the session and were looking to the next follow up video.